School Development Plan 2014-15

Key Priority 1: Pupil Achievement and Progress - To improve pupil progress in Writing and in Maths

Key Priority 2: Teaching and Learning - To create an exciting curriculum embedding the new Curriculum 2014, and to further enhance our assessment systems to support improved pupil progress for all groups

Key Priority 3: Behaviour and Safety - To develop pupil's understanding of themselves as learners in order to make improved progress in their learning

Key Priority 4: Leadership and Management - To improve the way the school (staff and governors) monitors and evaluates itself, and to ensure the school embeds the new 2014 SEND Code of Practice

School Development Plan for 2013-14

Key Priority 1: To improve pupils’ ability and confidence in Writing

Key Priority 2: To further enable the pupils’ to personally engage with their own learning using Assessment for Learning strategies

·   Key priority 3: To improve the way that we identify the needs and target our support for those children who require additional support

·    Key priority 4: To improve the way that we monitor and evaluate ourselves as a school