At Chapmanslade School, our goal is to inspire all children to view science as a possible career, by preparing them for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world. We build upon children’s innate curiosity about the world around them and their enthusiasm for learning. Children are actively encouraged to ask scientific questions as well as seek out answers, through a variety of practical ‘hands on’ experiments. Being a village school, we are fortunate to have the countryside on our doorstep, which enables children to develop and apply their scientific skills within a variety of habitats and environments.

Each year we hold a Science Day, when the children come together in their mixed age Houses for various science challenges and activities. We further enrich our curriculum with visits from scientific experts, such STEM ambassadors and with trips to places outside of our locality such as British Aerospace.

Useful Websites

BBC Bitesize for KS1 and KS2: Child friendly website that covers all the science topics taught in school. A great revision tool.
CBeebies: Fun science experiments and clips with CBeebies friends, helping children to learn science through play.
Happy Hooligans:  This American site (has adverts) has fun, easy science activities for children of all ages. Little preparation is needed and only common household supplies or natural occurring materials are required.
Live Web Cams:  Live webcams featuring a whole host of different animals. Which is your favourite?
NASA: Child friendly place to play games and learn about NASA.
Science Fun at Home: A range of simple and engaging practical science activities to do at home. They are open-ended and easily adaptable for any age.

Mrs McDowall, Science Leader