Religion and Worldviews (RE)

As a Church of England school, Religious Education is not just a subject that we teach in class, it is a fundamental part of our ethos that drives all learning forward, promoting spiritual growth and allowing our children to become fully rounded individuals. This approach is celebrated within our collective worship, through singing prayer songs, and by gathering together as a wider community for church services and charity work.

Within the curriculum subject of Religious Education, pupils learn about the Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus but also about other world faiths, celebrating the glorious diversity that makes up this wonderful planet. This is why we made the decision to rename the subject ‘Religion and Worldviews’ for our pupils. We encourage this learning through a range of strategies to inspire the children – for Religious Education is a great springboard for art, drama, music and so on, where the message of God can be shared through a medium that encourages our children to not only learn from its message but to carry its values through into their everyday lives. Children’s thinking is challenged by exploring philosophical questions about the awe and wonder of the world and its creation, and how we can use the message of the bible to celebrate the good choices that we make.

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Mrs Hobbs, Religion and Worldviews Leader