Reading With Your Child

In 2023, we invested in re-invigorating our reading books across the school, all the way from Early Years to Year 6.

Children begin by reading carefully selected Phonics Books, which are matched to the sounds they are taught and have learned.

Following these, we operate a ‘book-banded’ style scheme. There are many books to choose from within each ‘book band’. You can find out more about our approach, and how to support your child with their reading, with targeted advice for each book band in the guide below.

A Guide to Reading at Chapmanslade

Children need to develop their comprehension skills alongside their ability to read the words on the page so you may find that your child is able to read the words fluently but continues on the same Book Band colour for a while to enable them to focus on developing their understanding.

Pupils with shorter books will be expected to read books multiple times. This is fairly standard practice and allows focus on further reading skills such as reading with more pace and fluency, with less focus on sounding out the letters in each word