Aims, Ethos and Vision

Our core values are Participation, Determination and Success. They apply not just to pupils but to staff, governors and parents too. These values shape our school learning culture while complementing the key Christian values of Community (Participation), Hope (Determination) and Wisdom (Success in becoming the very best version of ourselves).


The head teacher, staff, governors and parents of Chapmanslade School will strive collectively  in all they do to ensure that our pupils: attend regularly; participate fully; apply themselves consistently; communicate respectfully; and succeed joyfully in all areas of school life.

In this way, pupils will be enabled to flourish academically, spiritually, morally and socially.


Recognising its historic foundation, Chapmanslade School will honour and protect its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England, working in partnership with Chapmanslade and Corsley Churches and the Salisbury Diocese. Chapmanslade School serves its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice, encouraging an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and promoting Christian values through the experience it offers to all its pupils.

Our Christian Vision

To celebrate the precious gift of life by enabling every child and adult within Chapmanslade School to be the very best version of themselves.

Strategic Vision for the Future

In a rapidly changing political and educational landscape, the viability and unique character of our small village school is most likely to be protected by sustaining pupil numbers on roll. The provision of an exceptional Christian education will continue to attract parents and nurture pupils into 2025 and beyond.