Redwood Class is for our Year 5 and Year 6 children. Here the children grow tall and proud in their hearts and minds - reaching high towards new horizons.

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We provide a Topic Web as a guide for parents to know what their child is learning each term in school in order that they may be able to better support their child's learning.


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As we have mixed age classes we have developed a two year cycle (Year A and Year B) for our curriculum in order to meet the new national Curriculum for 2014.

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Redwood Class Curriculum Map for Year A.

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Redwood ClassCurriculum Map for Year B.



Heritage Lottery Funded project on WW1 – MUSIC IN ACTION

Redwood Class at Chapmanslade Primary School were lucky enough to be able to take part in a wonderfully creative arts project that was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Music in Action team from Bath Philharmonia, led by Jason Thornton, came in to work with the Year 5 and 6 children. Before the music section of this project began, Redwood had three trips during the previous week, to expand their knowledge of World War 1. The first trip was to the Chippenham Heritage Centre where pupils looked at primary resources and traced the lives of local soldiers back in time. They used an ancestry website to find out where soldiers were stationed, their jobs before and/or after the war and about their families. It was fascinating!

The second trip was to Laverton Hall to see the display about local soldiers. The children found the names of soldiers on the Chapmanslade War Memorial throughout the displays and learnt a great deal about what life was like around this area at that time. They also had fun trying on costumes!

Our third trip was to Dilton Marsh Primary School to join in with the activities led by the Wiltshire Learning Resource Centre. The boys had to enlist and the girls had to learn how to bandage wounded soldiers. They also learnt about how life changed for them once the men folk left to fight for King and country.

It was a brilliant week with Redwood fully engaged in the project and looking forward to using this knowledge to create a musical event.

The second week was led by Jason Thornton and his amazing team. Everyone in the class had a musical element to learn for the five pieces being composed. Each session began with a fun singing workshop, which got everyone in the mood. Five pieces of music needed to be created and so the children were involved in writing the lyrics as well as coming up with some of the tunes. Jason always talked at the start of the sessions about WW1 and the particular element that needed to be focused on to create each piece of music. The class were thoroughly immersed, which got the very best out of each of them.

Five pieces of music were created in only three days! Every child had a part to play in each composition so their focus had to be 100% at all times. They were wonderful. The performance day came on the Friday and everyone was ready for the show.

Simone, the animator, had done a fantastic job of putting together the artwork the children had made with her the previous week. She had made movies with their art to correspond with the music. Poppies they had made decorated the floor area around the musicians. Light boxes with silhouettes of soldiers slumped were put onto the walls of the hall and coloured pictures of soldiers were multiplied to look like thousands, walking towards us. Phrases that the children had written were made to look like gravestones with the words carved out of granite. It was brilliant.

The music, words and images were truly stunning.

During the final piece Neo and Poppy read out the names of our local soldiers. You could feel the emotion in the room as everyone tried to ‘hold it together’. The atmosphere that was created was highly emotional. Parents, siblings, grandparents and local people were invited to come along to the performance. Both performances were packed out. Everyone thought that what had been produced was a moving and fitting tribute to all of those who were affected by World War 1.








 Years 5 and 6 went off on Wednesday morning to Osmington Bay in Weymouth. The sun shone throughout our stay and all the children (and staff!) had a great time. Everyone took part in Aeroball, Quadbiking and indoor activities during our first day, as well as a large group taking part in a football match against another school on a sandy pitch.

During Thursday the groups had a go at Abseiling, Archery, Giant Swing and Zip wire. We continually had comments from the PGL staff about how lovely our children were and a good rapport was built up between staff and pupils at each activity. One PGL leader shouted out, ‘I love this group!’. The children were very encouraging of each other when nerves looked like they were going to get the better of them for some of the more daring feats, which was heartwarming. In the evening we went onto the pebbly beach made natural sculptures, threw stones in the sea and listened to an enthralling chapter of Foul Play read by Ms Corbett whilst sitting around the Campfire sculpture made by the year 6 girls.

On Friday everyone stayed together to do Raft Building, which was fabulous. Everyone had a great time and got very, very wet!

Our thanks go to Mr Hale and Mr Ellam for supporting this residential trip with a smile on their faces.

J. Devey and J. Corbett