Teaching and Learning at Chapmanslade School follows the National Curriculum.

The National Curriculum gives clear guidance by year group for reading, writing and maths and these subjects are taught daily to all pupils. Although pupils are predominately taught in mixed-age classes, each year group of pupils follows the national curriculum learning objectives of their relevant year group so that a clear progression of learning and skills acquisition is seen as pupils move up the year groups. Pupils leave Chapmanslade secure in the core literacy and numeracy skills that will allow them to confidently access the next stage of their education at secondary school.

Science, PSHE, Religion and Worldviews, Music and PE are taught weekly. For other subjects, the National Curriculum advises what should be covered over a period of either two or four years, giving us a little more flexibility. Pupils within one class study the same blocked curriculum and work is differentiated when necessary to meet the needs of all pupils within the class. Our curriculum blocks vary from term to term on a two-year rolling programme (Year A and Year B), to ensure that pupils enjoy a rich and varied range of learning.

Within our curriculum, we have high expectations whilst ensuring equal access to all learners. As part of our rolling cycle, we consistently review appropriate levels of support and challenge for the particular cohort of learners. For further information about equality and how we ensure our curriculum is accessible for all SEND learners, please see our SEN policy.

Please see our curriculum mapping below for more detailed information about learning in your child’s class. If you would like to find out more, or have any queries about our curriculum, Mr Cottrell (Acting Head Teacher) will be happy to assist – please arrange an appointment via the school office if so.

2022-23: Year A

Updated March 2023

2023-24: Year B

Updated March 2023

Maths Overviews (please note, timings are a guide and change dependent on the needs of each cohort)

English Reading & Writing Overviews (please note, timings are a guide and change dependent on the needs of each cohort)

Blossom Class currently consist of just EYFS. An overview of our EYFS Skills Progression can be found here – however, we follow the interests of each cohort as much as possible: for more information on how we map and plan learning in Blossom Class, please talk to Mrs McDowall or Miss Cotton.