Geography is a brilliant way of developing a natural fascination for the world, whilst learning many transferable skills, such as research, observation, measurement, recording and presentation.

Geography is about understanding the world by comparing locations; investigating cause and effect; researching different sources; writing and talking about places; asking and answering questions – what might the weather be like in this place? why might that road have been built where it is? – the list is endless!

At Chapmanslade School, Geography is taught in blocks. Lessons are coherently planned and sequenced within a topic, providing opportunities to build upon prior learning and to enable children to acquire the geographical skills and knowledge needed to understand places and themes.

Teachers encourage all children to actively participate and believe that every child is able to succeed. Differentiation is achieved through support from teaching staff, visual resources and peers and through precise questioning. Children’s knowledge is assessed regularly using an end of block quiz. The quiz is revisited to assess the child’s retention of knowledge.

Useful Websites

Google Earth: A truly amazing download which combines satellite imagery, maps and terrain to let you view the world’s geography at the click of a mouse. Fly to your address or now you can even view the night sky. It can help children understand what a map view is.
Owl and Mouse interactive maps :Free good quality maps, to print out, of countries and every continent of the world. Excellent interactive maps where you roll over the countries to see country names and capital cities.
Pirate Bunnies and World Adventures:Discover the seven continents on the map, find the world’s five oceans and sail your ship north, east, south and west to get to the treasure.
Key Stage 2
BP Educational Service Primary Resources: A wealth of top quality teaching and learning resources from BP including animations, videos, presentations, information booklets, interactive activities and more. Related to science, geography and Design Technology.
DK Find out: A fantastic primary encyclopaedia type site from Dorling Kindersley. Find out about dinosaurs, space, animals, nature and more. Fun learning activities for kids with videos, quizzes and galleries.
3D Geography A fantastic site packed with information about geography and free teaching resources. Fun things to make to help children understand geography

Ms Holloway, Geography Leader